Censorship – Discussing the Hidden Truths…

In open societies like the ones in which most of us live, censorship is a growing issue. The public are not happy with information being withheld from them, whether thats in the form of pixelation on a picture or the banning of certain content on the internet. But is censorship ever appropriate in the 21st century?Read More »


Reading Too Far Between the Lines

Finding offence where it simply isn’t intended is becoming an inherent problem in today’s society. As one news reporter put it, “people seem to be tuned into ‘Offence FM’, constantly looking for offence in meaningless comments”Read More »

Kill One to Save Many?

Imagine this – a heavy train is speeding down a railway track, 200m down the track, 5 people are tied to the rails, if the train continues they die. You can’t stop the train, but you can divert the train onto a different track on which only 1 person is tied by pulling a lever. If you divert the train, this person will die, and the other 5 will be saved. Read More »

Debugging the Issue of Robot Rights

In a world where technology is becoming increasingly advanced, and becoming a larger and larger part of our day to day lives, the question of whether the machines that we make deserve rights is one that will inevitably have to be answered. Read More »

Formula Sheets, Blank Texts and GCSEs

Following the recent changes in GCSE exams, there is a petition up at the moment with 79434 signatures titled ‘Allow GCSE Students to have a formula sheet in their tests’. Read More »