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So you somehow (possibly unintentionally) found your way to my blog! Congrats! (Unless you didn’t want to end up here, in which case you should stick around for a bit so that you don’t miss out). I started this blog as a way of being able to publish my thoughts – rants, ideas, opinions and everything in between – in the hope that some of you may find them interesting or entertaining. I can’t really say what my posts will be about, and I don’t think that I will ever really be able to. I’ll be posting about whatever interests me, science, technology, society, maybe even some politics (!), so rest assured you’ll be able to find something that you’ll enjoy reading about. If (and when) you do find articles that you like, please like, comment and share my blog posts, and help grow our empire of readers!

“Its like having a serious debate in your pyjamas”

– fellow blogger, poeticartistx

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