Flushing Down the Bathroom Bill

Just a month after changing gun laws in the name of inequality and making everyone feel comfortable and equal, Mr. Trump has revoked the ‘bathroom rule’.

Since the taking down of the LGBTQ page on the White House website, things haven’t exactly been looking great for the LGBT community since the most hated president (if we can even call him that) of all time took office, and for some, last week’s events are the confirmation of the dire future that they hoped would never come.

This is definitely not ok.

The ‘Bathroom Rule’ was a policy brought in under the Obama administration that stated that schools should allow students to use whichever bathroom agreed with their gender identity. Whilst the policy was not legally binding, it warned that schools could lose their state funding if they did not adhere to the policy. With the rising number of transgender students in the US (and the rest of the world for that matter), the question of which bathroom should be used was one that needed to be answered.

But that’s not to say that the question is an easy one to be answered, and it is impossible to make a clear cut decision that will work for all the affected individuals in the country.

An unbelievable 60% of transgender americans have said that they avoid using public restrooms for fear of confrontation, having been harassed, assaulted and abused in the past. 32% said that they had limited how much they ate and drank to avoid having to use restrooms, and 8% reported having medical issues relating to the fact that they could not have gone to the toilet.

In what universe is this acceptable in any way, shape or form!?

It wasn’t morally right to allow these disgusting figures to continue to rise, so Obama made the small change that made a huge difference to the daily lives of transgender individuals.

Unfortunately though, since the outset, the policy has been the subject of some very harsh criticism. One of the largest arguments against the rule is that it puts cisgender (people who conform with their birth gender) at risk, and that it increases the chances of sexual assault and rape as men could now enter the women’s toilets as a trans person.

To be completely (brutally) honest, I find this argument so pathetic, there isn’t a morsel of statistical evidence that this is the case in any state, numbers of sexual assaults have not risen after (or as a result of) the changes in bathroom policies. There shouldn’tactually be any debate around the issue, in the end, we are all human.

People just want to be able to pee in peace.

The bathroom rule was just one of the huge leaps forward that came for the LGBT community under the Obamas, not to mention the legalisation of gay marriage, which changed over 350,000 gay and lesbian couples’ lives for the better. But the big question now, is whether the president with tiny hands will continue to extend, or continue to revoke, all the rights and policies that this community fought so hard to get.  Only time will tell….


6 thoughts on “Flushing Down the Bathroom Bill

  1. Let’s steps back for once and look at it from afar: biologically spoken there is no way a person ‘conforms’ to their birth gender. You are either a female or male from birth. The trans story that happens later is a psychological issue. Ideally, we should have at least 4 types of public restrooms nowadays – 2 for the people who accept their biology and 2 for those who are mentally confused about it. The problem would be solved but from an economic point of view alone: that’s a huge investment of tax-payer money the state would have to make just to comfort a minority, which would bring negative reactions from hardcore conservatives (you probably understand the dilemma I’m getting into) so it’s not gonna happen anytime soon. Besides, there are many many other minorities that don’t get so much attention, making the trans community an exception would only bring more trouble. We don’t live in a fair world and people like the trans guys/girls/I don’t even know anymore – who put themselves into an unfavorable position are at their own fault. Tough topic, as you can see. Thanks for writing about it though!


  2. “People just want to be able to pee in peace.” Amen to that 😊 Great post; it’s such an odd argument isn’t it, that a man will dress up as a woman to attack women in bathrooms. Sexual assault is usually a power thing, it doesn’t seem likely that a man would ’emasculate’ himself (by dressing as a woman) to show his power. Let us all pee in peace 😊

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